Concussion Baseline Testing

We now offer concussion baseline testing in our office.  This is available for teams as well as individuals.


Why Baseline Testing?


Currently, there is no reliable diagnostic test or marker that can be used to identify a concussion when it's occurred, or similarly, determine when a concussion has resolved.


For this reason, a growing emphasis has been placed on objective baseline testing protocols that can be used to track an athlete's recovery and serve as a tangible measurement for return-to-play readiness.  By measuring an athlete's "normal" level of functioning, we are better able to gauge the level of impairment that may exist post-injury by performing comparative testing.  We believe this requires a multifaceted approach and that no single test should be used in isolation.


This is why we offer several testing components designed to assess


Neurocognitive Performance (ImPact)


Visual Coordination


We also review and document previous concussive episodes and history of concussion-like symptoms to aid in individualized post-injury assessments should they be required.


Baseline values can vary widely from one athlete to the next, and in young developing athletes, these measures can change dramatically from year to year.  It is therefore important to have record of each player's baseline level of physical and neurocognitive functioning before the start of each season. Should an athlete sustain a concussion during the season we have the ability to compare post-injury testing to baseline vaues.  This allows for a more accurate and objective assessment of an otherwise elusive injury, and provides imortant information when making return-to-play decisions.


Call or email our office if interested in setting up Baseline Testing or concussion assessment.






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